devotees and guruji serving the hindu god shiva

Joy of Giving and Receiving

Seva means ‘selfless service’. It is a way to open your heart and connect with the Divine in every moment. When service is done with love, the focus moves away from what you get and shifts toward the pure joy of giving.

By serving the needs of others, expectations melt away and all that remains is love. That’s living bhakti.

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Do you want to dive deeper into the Home of the Divine Mother and ashram life at Shree Peetha Nilaya? The Bhakti Seva Internship gives you a unique opportunity to experience selfless service and deepen your experience of the path of Bhakti Yoga.

The program enables you to profit from a practical seva experience by training in the many seva areas such as garden, facilities, housekeeping, reception, kitchen, bhaktishop, childcare, web-team, marketing, IT and more, receiving in-depth knowledge in the various fields.

In addition to daily prayers and bhakti rituals, participants of the program can benefit from a weekly educational program where you have the opportunity to deepen your knowledge in Hindu philosophy, rituals, chanting and devotional arts. The aim of this is to help you open your heart and change your everyday life into one of loving and caring service to others. A weekly evening satsang with an SPN Swami or Rishi/Rishika is also given to help you connect and discuss topics about your spiritual path.

Day Visitors

Even if you are just visiting for the day, if you would like to help with seva for 1-2 hours, just ask at the registration desk.

Overnight Guests

All guests are welcome to contribute 2-3 hours of seva during each day of their stay. It is part of the heart-opening experience of being here. Please ask at the registration desk.

More Information


  • The duration for participation in the Bhakti Seva Internship is minimum 14 days up to 90 days maximum (arrival & departure included) and only for EU citizens.

  • A cost-sharing of €15 per night provides you with full-board with accommodation in a shared room (3 to 5 People), free WiFi access, and free laundry and dryer machine usage.

  • Everybody is welcome to serve between the age of 18 years onwards.

  • Sangha: meet like-minded people, devotees, and bhaktas and enjoy the ashram life with our community.

  • Temple prayers: come, participate and learn more about our deities, daily rituals, and the variety of Hindu festivals we host.

  • Daily OM Chanting.

  • Daily satsangs: learn more about the holy scriptures, saints, and yogis during, or immediately after our temple prayers, morning and evening.

  • Mother Nature: take time during your personal time for a beautiful walk or parikrama around the ashram.

  • Inspirations: develop your own ideas about how to integrate and develop the spirit of love and care by serving others at home or during your daily life.

  • Weekly educational program.

  • A weekly evening satsang with an SPN Swami or Rishi/Rishika.

Seva timings: Daily 09:15 – 13:00 and 14:00 – 17:00 (during events, also late/early shifts possible, depending on the seva area!)

Internship Departments

Facilities & Maintenance



Housekeeping & Laundry

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