community, two holding hands

Connect with seekers from around the world

Scripture is clear. We weren’t created to live life alone. Connect with people like you. Find solace in togetherness.
Spend time at the Bhajan Cafe, indulge in food, music, and community gatherings.

People tell us that the #1 thing they like most about coming here is the atmosphere. The ‘feeling’ of just being here, the energy, the positivity.

What’s the #2 thing they like most? The people. The joy of being together with like-minded, upbeat people who are enjoying their spiritual journeys.

When we say that we are an international spiritual centre, it’s true. We are host to the world. Our events bring people from over 50 countries who fly thousands of miles to get here. Here, everyone is connected. ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ – the world is our family.

Just walking through the centre, you may hear 20 languages spoken in a day. So if you’d like to expand your horizons and talk with someone who lives 4,000 kilometres away or just down the road, this is the place to be.