Express love for God through Music and Arts

Dive into a fusion of creativity and spirituality at our atelier. Here, art transcends form, guided by deep spiritual insights. With workshops tailored for both novices and seasoned artists.

Devotion to the Divine is expressed in many ways. At The Ashram, the visual arts and music are more than just enjoyable; they actively build the relationship between you and God. Here, singing and playing instruments are considered ways to communicate with the Divine in the ‘language of God’. Our music can thrill your heart with dynamic sound and rhythm, or it can be deeply meditative.

In the visual arts, painting and drawing are active and powerful meditations where you connect with the saints, deities, and other Divine Forms, often in beautiful silence.
 Whether you choose to express with colour or with sound, come see how these art forms can open your heart and quiet your mind.


Have you always wanted to learn to paint? These courses take you from beginner to accomplished painter, giving you all the techniques and tools you need. Intrigued by learning to draw the mystery of the Sri Yantra? Explore the practical steps to create a perfect one.


Want to expand your skills in playing an instrument? Choose from mridanga (drums), manjira (cymbals), guitar & more. It’s all about expressing from the heart. Discover the long history, sacred tradition, and personal benefits of kirtan: the devotional chanting of the Lord’s name.

Open Kirtan: Come to enjoy the Kirtan night every Saturday at 9:00 pm.

Art Atelier

The Atelier is located on the far left of the Light Hall. The art created here is always done with the Divine first and foremost in mind and heart. Guruji says that ‘painting is meditation’ and you can really feel it in this very special room.

Courses in Painting Meditation, Sri Yantra Drawing and Painting, Icon Painting, Intuitive Painting and Painting on Silk, are all held here, and you are welcome to sign up for courses anytime.

art atelier in shree peetha nilaya

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