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Important: Road Kemel-Springen closed as of June 1st for 14 weeks.

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Welcome to Shree Peetha Nilaya

Shree Peetha Nilaya is a sacred spiritual haven, serving as both an ashram and a centre for events and retreats. Here, individuals can connect deeply and experience God’s presence under the guidance of the God-realised master, Paramahamsa Sri Swami Vishwananda.

paramahamsa vishwananda smiling and doing prayer sign with the hands
person in meditation doing the prayer sign with hands

Transformational Experiences

Explore our range of transformational experiences that are designed to help you become more in tune with your true self on the journey of unlocking your innate potential.


people performing procession with hindu deity Krishna

A Devotional path to God

If you’re searching for a way to connect with the Lord in a simple, yet potent way, come and experience the deepness of Devotional Yoga (Bhakti Yoga).


person performing the arati ritual to hindu deities Sita, Rama, Lakshman and Hanuman

Modern Hindu Culture

Hinduism is a timeless and universal culture that has cultivated a rich tapestry of philosophy, art, and a profound lineage of enlightened masters over millennia. Visit the ashram to discover how these facets resonate with your quest for love and happiness.


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a garden with bloomed flowers, animals and the hindu deity Shiva

The Ashram

The ashram, beautifully situated within the Taunus region of central Germany, serves as a place for rejuvenation. It is located about an hour from Frankfurt City.

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person smiling while harvesting vegetables in the garden


At the ashram, we view our lives as a service to God. Each day, we strive to embrace what life presents us with and cultivate a spirit of sincerity towards ourselves and each other.


young people smiling and talking, being together as a community


Our vibrant international community, composed of over 100 ashram residents, centres around the teachings of Paramahamsa Vishwananda.


Our founder

Paramahamsa Vishwananda

Paramahamsa Vishwananda is the founder of the international mission, Bhakti Marga, which translates to ‘Path of Devotion’. Bhakti Marga promotes an approach that merges both contemporary and ancient methods that help foster a relationship with the Divine. The mission has a presence in over 70 countries, maintaining over 55 temples and 12 ashrams around the world.

Facilities and Services

Card Payments
Free Wifi
Luggage storage
Flower Gardens
Organic Farm
Vegan food
Gift Shop
Guided Tours
Kids Room
Hindu Saints Museum
Meditation Areas
Vedic Rituals
Yoga Classes
Smoking Free Area
Art Studio
No Pets

Our location

Come visit us

In the midst of the lush fields and forests of Germany’s renowned Taunus region, Shree Peetha Nilaya, ‘the Home of Maha Lakshmi’, invites you to come and explore what lies deep within your own heart.

vegetable garden greenhouse

Sustainable Practices

  • Use of recycled and biodegradable products, such as toilet paper and napkins, along with SONETT ecological cleaning products.
  • Adoption of recycling practices with separation into 9 distinct waste categories (Electronics, Wood, Metal, Construction, Plastic, Bio-waste, Paper, Glass, General Trash).
  • Employing biological cultivation using natural fertilizers and practicing annual crop rotation in vegetable fields.
  • Composting meal waste to enrich garden soil.
  • Harvesting rainwater for gardening purposes.
  • Cultivating flowers for temples and vegetables for meals within ashram gardens (May-Oct).
  • Generating energy from photovoltaic panels and a wood heating system.
  • Utilizing a solar heat BHKW cogeneration system to produce both electricity and useful heat.
  • Utilizing a low-emission e-car.
cow in the nature

Community and Local Involvement

  • Maintaining the “Wisper Trails” trekking paths.
  • Encouraging car-sharing among visitors.
  • Implementing a community car-share system, providing 6 cars per 100 people.
  • Contributing to the economic development of the region.
  • Actively participating in local community initiatives, including “Fair Trade Town Heidenrod.”
  • Using Fair Trade products in our kitchen and Bhajan Café.
  • Engaging in forestation activities through tree planting.
  • Utilizing local wood for heating during colder periods.

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