woman sitting in the nature and doing japa meditation

Find your inner Peace

Would you like to explore the deeper layers of your heart? Open new doors in your life? The heart is actually full of security, strength and lightness. It has its own intelligence and inspires us to find new paths! At all our retreats, your heart will be nourished and new paths will be opened to you!

The introductory weekend gives you simple tools to live Bhakti Yoga in everyday life: Together we will work on the recitation of sacred mantras – inwardly as meditation as well as together in chanting. In addition, you will learn very useful mudras (finger postures) that allow the energy flows in your body (and life) to flow in the right direction.

The Atma Kriya course helps you to become authentically yourself and free yourself from unwanted patterns: Breathing techniques, yoga postures and meditation empower you to build a new, strong routine. The 5-day meditation course (for beginners and advanced practitioners) enables you to bring yoga and meditation into your everyday life by getting to know the rich offer of Bhakti Marga. Discover your heart with our retreats! Be yourself – be part of it!


Bhakti Yoga weekend

Experience the bhakti yoga techniques and enjoy a weekend in the Ashram

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Beginners’ Week – How to meditate

Transform yourself and have a holiday in the ashram – the perfect combination.

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Atma Kriya Yoga Meditation Course

Enrich your life – Atma Kriya Yoga strengthens the love inside your heart.

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Silent retreat

An ideal opportunity to go into silence and find clarity inside.

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