The Consultation & Treatment Rooms

The Consultation Room and the adjoining Treatment Room are located on the ground floor and are directlly adjacent to guest rooms. These calm, private and well furnished spaces provide a relaxed environment for any medical and well-being elements of your retreat program. The Treatment Room can be used for all manner of wellness programs but is particularly suitable for Ayurveda retreats, offering a turnkey solution which includes a specially made Ayurveda bed with oil drainage, as well as equipment for Shirodhara and Svedana treatments. The treatment room also has an attached shower room and balcony.

Room Information
– Capacity: up to 4 people
– Size: 13 m² + 19 m²
– Floor: Laminate
– Price: please email

The Alpha Omega Room

Water is an incredible substance which we all take for granted. Scientific research is beginning to reveal that its property of taking on the characteristics of the environment runs very deep. This means that water can have very different qualities depending on what it has passed through.

The AO-bed circulates water through a proprietary mix of minerals to give it the most harmonious quality possible. This is then imparted to the individual lying on the bed.

Users of the bed report a feeling of tranquility and vitality after an AO-bed session. You can book directly below. 

Room Information
– Capacity: 1 person
– Size: 10 m²
– Floor: Laminate
– Price 20/30 mins: €20/30

To book, please contact: