christmas tree with decoration resembling the hindu god jagannath

This Christmas share your love of the divine

Invoke the blessings of the Divine

At this special time of the year, remember your loved ones with something that goes beyond mere ‘stuff’. Share your love of the Divine by making a donation on their behalf.

Ever since ancient times, many have sought the blessings of the Divine at Christmas. Powerful, subtle and unlimited, the blessings from our temple’s deities can protect, help and guide your beloved ones.

Love knows no boundaries

Whether your loved ones believe in God or not, this blessing is for everyone. Along with your positive intention, the deities’ intercession will nurture their well-being in health, wealth, relationships… Everything. In fact, you might even think about donating on your own behalf! Whether for yourself or for another, it’s a wonderful feeling to share the love of the Divine. It’s easy to do, take a step closer to the Divine!

Choose your Deity

Love comes in many forms. Choose the one that either you, or a beloved, will resonate with most. Here are a few of the most well-known qualities for each:

  • Lord Narasimha: Purifies/Protects/Removes obstacles

  • Radha-Krishna: Divine Love/Devotion/Focus on God

  • Maha-Lakshmi: Wealth/Wisdom/Happiness

  • Sriman Narayana/Sri Ranganath: Connection/Provides/Shelters

  • The Masters: Protection/Grace/Supports one’s path

  • Ram Darbar: Strength/Resilience/Assists in one’s dharma

  • Radha-Durga: Dissolves attachments/Amplifies desire for God

  • Tulsi-devi: Purifies mind & body/Unconditional love/Devotion

  • Sudharshana Chakra: Removes negativity/Protects one from negativity, black magic, evil eye/Helps to master the mind.

  • Saraswati-devi: Study skills/Creativity/True knowledge

  • Gayatri-devi: Artistic success/Sciences/Spiritual endeavours

  • Shiva & Kamakshi: Decreases desires/Assists/Builds bhakti

  • Gaura-Nitai: Divine experience/Lord’s grace/Joyful chanting

  • Panduranga & Rukmini: Relationship with God/Devotion/Service

  • Shirdi Sai Baba: Contentment/Faith/Acceptance

  • Hanuman: Humility/Joy of service/Strong mind & body

  • Kali-devi: Guardian/Shields from negativity/Compassion

  • Varaha: Gives strength to uphold one’s dharma in adversity/quality of sacrifice/Protects one’s innocence

Choose your Christmas donation

1 Month


3 Months


6 Months


All your donations go entirely to the Bhakti Marga Yoga gGmbH that runs the Bhutabhrteshwarnath Mandir (Temple) in Springen where the deities live.

On request you can receive a confirmation of donations for tax assertion (exemption) in Germany. In this case please send an e-mail to: