These online journeys are a treasure in your hands which you can use any time you have available to deepen your connection and relationship with the deities.
Each deity journey is different. You are offered an informative lecture about the deity, a painting, chanting or dancing video and a music video. All this helps you to awaken the feeling of love and devotion within. These online journeys have been lovingly created for you to enjoy and enrich your path of bhakti.

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The Journey with Narasimha is open to everyone who would like to know more about one of the greatest incarnations of Lord Narayana.

This journey is about feeling the connection of Lord Narasimha within yourself and understanding the role He plays on the path of Bhakti Marga. If you wish to connect more deeply, understand one of the most merciful aspects of the Lord then this online journey is for you!


The Journey with Radha-Krishna is open to everyone who would like to know more about the Divine Couple. Radha and Krishna, together, represent the ultimate state of perfection. A state that can only be attained by the bhakta who has single-pointed, unwavering devotion and love towards the Supreme Lord. Radha’s love for Krishna is the longing of the atma for the paramatma. Krishna’s love for Radha is the paramatma longing for the atma. Their relationship is YOUR relationship. It’s not something far away, and it’s not something complicated. It’s the closest and most intimate experience you can have.


The Journey with Sriman Narayana is open to everyone who would like to know more about the ultimate form of the Divine. Sriman Narayana is the source, creator, sustainer and destroyer of all universes. Most often, Lord Narayana incarnates due to the calling of His devotees. Every time He incarnates on earth is for the welfare and protection of Mother Earth and the restoration of dharma. The Lord’s Name is as powerful as He Himself. Chanting ‘om namo narayanaya’ only once with devotion is enough to give you liberation. ‘om namo narayanaya‘ means ‘I give my respect to the Lord in whom all things abide and who abides in all things.’ Therefore, if you would like to reach the ultimate form of the Divine within you, this is the journey for you.


The Journey with Maha-Lakshmi is open to everyone who would like to know more about Maha-Lakshmi, the role She plays on the Bhakti Marga path, and how to connect more deeply with the wisdom She imparts. Maha-Lakshmi is considered the goddess of wealth. Maha-Lakshmi is also known as Sri. Sri stands for shakti, the power behind everything. She is the mother, the caring one and the good wisher for Her children. This journey contains three videos that will help you to connect and develop your relationship with Her.


The Journey with the Gurus is open to everyone who would like to know more about the role, the service and sacrifice that the gurus provide on the spiritual path. Mahavatar Babaji is known as the ‘immortal Himalayan yogi‘. He has taken on the task of supporting and uplifting humanity for thousands of years. Sri Ramanujacharya is the founder of the Vaishnava Sri Sampradaya. He is also known as Yatiraja – King of the Yogis and has the purity to redeem all of humanity. Paramahamsa Vishwananda is a God-realised Master who embodies the totality of God’s Love and teaches everyone how to attain this supreme Divine Love.


The Journey with Tulsi-devi is open to everyone who would like to know more about one of the greatest bhaktas of the Lord. Tulsi-devi is the personification of selfless devotion. She is such a pure incarnation of devotion that whoever offers a puja to the Lord without offering a leaf of Tulsi, the puja is considered to be incomplete, since the leaf of Tulsi-devi is the representation of bhakti itself. That’s why learning about Tulsi-devi will help you understand the importance of Her for those on the path of bhakti. For all those that want to excel in their devotion to the Lord, to know about Tulsi-devi is a great aid in attaining the mercy and the Lord Himself.


The Journey with Divine Mother is open to everyone who would like to know more about Durga-devi. Durga-devi is one manifestation of the cosmic Divine Mother. She has been worshipped since ancient times and is well known throughout the world as one of the most impressive and formidable goddesses. Being a compassionate warrior goddess, she battles the demons that plague humankind, including the ‘inner demons’ that so many are troubled with in these modern times. For that reason alone, She is definitely worth getting to know!